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Okay, Missoula County! It is time for a new sheriff in this county. Do the right thing by voting for Travis Wafstet for sheriff. He will bring back integrity, honesty and respect to a department that has lost it all to a corrupt administration.

It is time, Missoula County, to get the sheriff’s department back on the right track, to cut back on the wild spending by the current administration. A good example is the captain who cost county taxpayers $7,000 for an update on a vehicle that did not need it. In addition, all the overtime pay that is unnecessary.

It is time for a sheriff who’s not going to make up excuses for deputies, break department policies such as the deputy who left his or her service weapon in an elementary school restroom or the deputy who allegedly used excessive force on a detained individual in handcuffs.

Missoula county, it is time for a new sheriff. Get out and vote for Travis Wafstet. Deputy Wafstet will be the sheriff who will get this department back on track. Travis Wafstet will bring back integrity and honesty to this department.

Jay Hintz,


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