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Republicans felt all warm and fuzzy when Donald Trump was first elected but now, not so much; sort of like peeing your pants: the feeling of warmth is short-lived.

Now our deficit is insanely out of control. We are closer to nuclear winter than we have been for 60 years. Climate change deniers like Trump and his ilk have extended the time needed to mitigate the predicament we are now experiencing due to the greenhouse effects and the spawn of unprecedented devastation caused by intense severity of these powerful storms and tornadoes. When I was a kid, tornadoes were a rare event; now they are common and widespread!

As mentioned in my book, I spent most of my time outdoors, hiking, fishing, riding my bike, playing softball, ice skating, sledding or just hanging out with my friends. Nowadays, kids are too addicted to screens to get outdoors and enjoy the gift of nature. I’m concerned that my little great-grandson and his baby sister will even be able to play outside due to the air, ground and water pollution.

At least we can feel safer now since Trump has all those terrifying little Mexican kids locked up in cages.

Lynn Leroy Arney,


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