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During his Jan. 8 broadcast, President Trump failed to explain why he was proud to cause the current shutdown. In particular, if he truly does have a coherent plan for drastically augmenting existing border barriers, then the White House should have a website where key matters are explained to all U.S. citizens and residents. For instance:

a) location of sites: show maps with annotations (perhaps include coordinates);

b) purpose at each site: e.g., deter foot traffic, stop off-road vehicles, etc.; 

c) ownership of sites (does Texas restrict use of eminent domain?);

d) timetable: analysis of site, design of structure, solicit bids, construction;

e) criteria for assessing effectiveness;

f) budget for construction and for maintenance: summary of estimates for each site;

g) aspects which require congressional authorization (beyond mere funding). 

Stop the shutdown, then debate border security and immigration.

Dick Lane,


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