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I read that former Vice President Joe Biden was at the university recently. I forgot all about it, but then, in most respects the honorable VP is a forgettable person.

Known in polite circles as “the gaffer in chief,” Biden can always be counted on to bring on a groan. My Scot background asks me: Why pay big bucks to listen to this guy when I had four chances to see the real deal this fall for free?

Prior to his cancellation, the liberal establishment found a former University of Montana professor to debate/challenge Steve Bannon, who was to appear here. I’m curious why academe didn’t find someone to question Biden about his blatant plagiarism as a college law student. Montana removed a candidate for lieutenant governor for similar transgressions. Well, the answer to my curiosity is obvious. Biden is a liberal rock-star, if not an ancient one.

It is gratifying to learn from him that he is the most qualified person to be president. Perhaps so in the Democrat Party when you consider “Pocahontas,” “Spartacus,” “Crooked Hillary” or 37 others reported to be interested in a run. When it’s time to fish or cut bait, my guy will be re-elected.

Tom Ross,


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