I read where Gov. Steve Bullock has temporarily banned electronic cigarettes, AKA e-cigarettes, vaping, etc., according to the Associated Press, because “at least 18 people have died and more than 1,000 people have been sickened.” I am assuming these are national statistics.

If the governor was so concerned about our health, why hasn’t he banned all motor vehicle usage, as so far there’s been 145 fatalities on Montana highways this year?

But let’s get really serious. If the governor wanted to save lives he could ban all handguns, as they were used to kill 7,032 people in 2017. (Who gives a crap about the Constitution when you’re a Democrat?) Or how about baseball bats and the like; they killed 467 nice folks. Or what about knives, which bled out 1,591 innocent lives.

Governor Bullock doesn’t really care about those poor unfortunate souls who passed due to vaping. (They probably weren’t vaping legal products anyway.) Instead he’s trying to make a political statement so he can be someone’s vice presidential running mate.

The ban is temporary; that’s so no one will challenge it in court, as the legal process grinds too slowly. Plus, he’s picking on a minority population with no political clout (users of e-cigarettes). The article also claims 22,000 Montanans who are between the age of 12 and 18 (most can’t vote) use vaping products.

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Well, kids, let this be an important lesson for you. Notice this Democrat governor placed a ban on selling vaping products without first taking any legal action to prove the harmful effects of the product.

Democrat presidential candidates have already stated they want to seize your guns. In the past 100 years governments have killed 89 million unarmed citizens. Do you want to be next?

Norm Johnson,


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