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Once again, there is a bill, House Bill 325, in the Montana Legislature to expand where concealed weapons would be allowed. This bill, if passed, would prevent local governments from regulating the carrying of concealed weapons by revising prohibited places for concealed weapons.

It takes me back to yesteryears, the early 2000s, when, according to a newspaper article, a man who had been drinking was upset due to an incident at a local watering hole. Re-thinking his desire for revenge, he tucked his pistol back in his waistband, causing it to fire. The bullet took off his right testicle, burned his penis and went through his thigh.

Oops, mistakes happen. Most often when one is in a stressful situation, under the influence or not in control of one's emotions.

Why should the right to concealed carry supersede my right to know who the heck is "packing heat"?

Remember, "The testicle you lose may be your own."

John Ilgenfritz,


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