There is one voice of a candidate for president which rings especially true to me. This voice belongs to Marianne Williamson. Williamson writes and speaks eloquently about getting to the root causes of problems.

When asked how she would debate President Trump, she replied: "In my opening statement on the debate stage, I will say: Mr. Trump, you have harnessed fear for political purposes. I am harnessing love and will meet you in that field."

Trump's harnessing of "fear" attracts many who are quite unhappy with life and it promotes blaming others, dishonesty and divisiveness. Williamson's harnessing of "love" attracts many seeking an orderly life and promotes mind-changes, a sense of inner peace and self-empowering purpose.

Getting to the root causes of our problems right now is desperately needed. This is basically what Marianne Williamson offers through her fine character, values, beliefs and her outstanding leadership qualities.

The time is now. The need is great. "We the people" can choose and help actualize this change in political focus.

Bob McClellan,


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