I watched, very sparingly, the Donald Trump campaign and Republican debates leading up to November 2016 with astonishment. I assumed that an established political party, even the GOP, would regain their senses.

The Washington Examiner gave the names and endorsement stances of all Republicans in Congress at this time. Here are the numbers for Republican senators and House members: 13% of senators, including Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell, and 9% of House, including Ryan Zinke endorsed early. Prior to being declared the presumptive nominee, 11% of senators, including John Hoeven and Marco Rubio, and 13% of House members gave their endorsements.

After being declared the presumptive nominee, 56% of senators including Steve Daines and House members, including Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy, endorsed Trump. Just 11% of the Senate, including Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee and 5% of the House including Justin Amash would not endorse Trump; 4% of senators and 16% of House members would not commit.

Mostly, it appears that these GOP Congress people thought it best to fall in line, even if some were as disturbed as I. Would these same Congress people do the same today, if given the same opportunity?

Erwin Curry,


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