Young people need to start caring

Young people need to start caring


Several Missoula charitable fundraisers have commented as to the lack of philanthropy by many members of the X and Y generations. The affluent members of those age groups seem to be more focused on their stock portfolios than what is happening on the world stage.

Perhaps it is because they are a couple generations past the Great Depression, when many good and honest people in dire need advanced by receiving a governmental helping hand.

I belong to a civic organization whose first principle of analysis that best serves all of human decisions is the simple question, “Is it the truth?” Yet many members of the referenced age groups often reply to foreign actions and politicians’ blatant misstatements with a two-word response: “Who cares.”

Perhaps if there were a pressing need for America to defend itself by requiring a draft of eligible citizens, including the children of the X and Y generations, they would actually realize the importance of caring about foreign financial aid. However, my concern is that when they finally wake up to the importance of helping those in need, both here and there, it may be too late.

Lon Dale,


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