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Associated Press: "Zinke spending $139K on office doors" (March 9).

These freaking AP liberal writers and American Bridge, a Democratic liberal bunch used to trash conservatives, blame it on Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and he didn't have a darn thing to do with them fixing a problem in the building.

But that's what these liberal AP bashers get paid to do.

Not one time in eight years that I know of did these same people complain about the horrendous amounts of money the Obamas wasted from the American taxpayer, but this is what they rag on!

To say again, you stupes didn't say anything about Leon Panetta under Barack Obama wasting $1.6 million to fly home every weekend via private jet to see his family in California.

You double-mindedness makes us sick to our stomach with your continual holding of conservatives to standards the Democrats couldn't care less about, it's only for conservatives to abide by.

Your ragging on principles only for conservatives to obey just keeps turning intelligent voters away from your party.

Doug Stewart,


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