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McCue Construction


About McCue Construction

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Give a brief (100 words or less) history of how your business started.

Robert McCue started as a residential foundation contractor in 1954. He later read about prefabricated metal buildings. He saw it as a new emerging industry and became a Pascoe Metal Building franchisee. He built many commercial and industrial buildings over the next 30 years. Greg McCue took the reins in 1992 and focused on new residential homes and remodels.


Tell us a little (100 words or less) about the founder of your business.

Robert McCue was born and raised in Aberdeen, South Dakota. He moved to Missoula to attend the University of Montana and graduated in Forestry. He married his college sweetheart Diane and together they raised a family of seven children until he passed away at age 61 in 1991.


What is the key to your longevity as a Missoula business?

Adaptability to change, focusing on new technology and innovative design. McCue Construction believes we have an obligation to our customers to deliver thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. We enjoy the close collaboration with our clients and it's a real source of pride that we have done multiple projects for the same people and the wonderful friendships that have followed.


What is the biggest event that’s ever happened in your business’s history?

There is no one big event. We have continued to learn about emerging products through reading trade magazines, attending industry seminars, and achieving various certifications.


How has your business changed, or evolved, over the years?

McCue Construction started as a commercial and industrial business. Our business has grown into a premier remodeling and custom home company. We start with the design and take the projects to final finish carpentry.


Tell us a little (100 words or less) about your current business and its employees.

We are now a 3rd generation family owned business. Most of our staff has been with us over 10 years and we take pride in our team. We are a small company so the work we do is very personal to us and our clients are our friends. Moving forward we will continue to focus on remodeling and design.


What are your future plans for the business?

Moving forward we will continue to focus on remodeling and design. We will study new products and also see how older products have performed over time. The next generation has different needs with regards to housing style, square footage, and amenities. We will move to satisfy that youth market.

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