Sandrine Tochem and Sam Refern, Lolo, girl, June 26

Michale McLean and Tyson Mclean, Missoula, boy, June 27

Michelle Mandell and Jacob Mandell, Missoula, girl, June 26

Shelby Delray Kreis and Robert Dean Kreis, Huson, girl, June 26

Karin L. Riley and Brian Ellings, Missoula, girl, June 26

Alexis Wilson, Missoula, boy, June 27

Shani Pace and Jesse Cornelison, Missoula, girl, June 30

Meghan and Matthew Adams, Missoula, girl, June 29

Alycia and Harley Edelback, Lolo, boy, June 27

Jennifer L. and Stephen J. White, Missoula, boy, June 29

Sierra and Alex Misevic, Lolo, boy, July 1


Margaret Elizabeth Nan Jeakins-Cooley and Quinn Patrick McGrath, June 15

Laura Louise Olsonoski and Jordan Donald Creveling, June 15

Jarrett Waylon Leister and Erika Renee VanHavel, June 22

Jennae Dawn McGee and Brydon Jeffrey Peacock, June 15

Ashley Lynn Schmautz and Christopher Ryan Halver, June 22

Bradley Clark Hanson and Magen Laureen Johnston, May 18

Desiree Marie Boothe and Darrick Franklin Dahl, June 22

Travis Charles Galarneau and Haliegh Marie Solheim, June 26

Fiona Kathleen Murphy and Alexander Ridgway, June 15

Jeremy Christian Braband and Jessica Alice Sandoval, June 8

Mellisa Marie Clark and Dustin Lee Weidenkeller, June 22

James Mathias Arnot Riggs and Alaina Renee Strehlow, June 22

Christopher Lee Funston and Krysta Marie Campbell, June 8

Alexis Victoria Buchanan and Kevin Humberto Gomez, June 22

Morgan Jean Marie Kautz and Jesie James Martin, June 1

Taryn Lace Campbell and Payson Merrit Lippert, June 22

Joseph Stephen Peterson and Barbara Ann Balko, June 22

Jasmin Michele Overbaugh and Brian Charles Sturm, June 22

Jenna Louise Joki and Robert Joseph Lliteras, June 22

Zachary Howard Lauffenburger and Morgan Ann Levey, June 15

Jamie Christina Ketch and Ryan Maxwell Cain Mitchell, June 22

John Matthias Elsen and Jessi Kay Miller, June 16

Haley Ann Budge and Anders Cameron Nord, June 22

Madison Joy Morton and Caleb Johnson Sturgis, June 14

Gretchen Avery Koester and James Wayne Wiscombe, June 13

Christina Brigette Maw and Shane Marcus Cashin, June 21

Roger Alexander Tonna II and Courtney Elaine Austin, June 21

Caroline Elizabeth Arsenault and Joshua Stephen McCormick, June 22

Sierra Grace Gehring and Nathaniel Linn Hester, June 21

Brianna Lee Cooper and Austin Christopher Herz, June 22

Robert Ethan Banks and Sarah Marie Bonnington, June 26

Robert Gallagher Bender and Stephanie Eve Urness, June 22

Zeno Waterbury Wicks IV and Megan Carole Marolf, June 22

Randy Timothy Koon and Mckenzie Elizabeth Weber, June 22

Ashley Denise Kromarek and Aaron Michael Wise (declaration)

Mellissa Marie Lewellyn and Christopher Edward Anderson (declaration)

Ekaterina Yurievna Roos and Samuel Jiro Fidler (declaration)

Samuel Hutton Frank and Rachael Rose Bowe (declaration)

Andrew Steven Rosenbaum and Lindsey Owens (declaration)


Sari Aurora Cassidy-Goss and Kyle Richardson

Junko Hatashita and Michael McCarthy

Justin McKay and Clare McKay

James Aubrey Ubben and Alisha Thompson Ubben

Stephan Richards and Linda Richards

Casey Allen Bays and Ekaternia Bays

DUI convictions 

Justice court

Jamie Scott Chandler, 44, Alberton

Laura Witt Chandler, 55, Mountain Home, Idaho

Rachel Marie Clark, 39, Missoula

Juanita Lea Dolan, 50, Missoula

Angela Courtney Kempster, 33, Missoula

David Jay Ryan, 67, Missoula, per se

Troy Robert Stoute, 23, Missoula, per se

Devon Allan Trowle, 33, Stevensville

Chelsea Leigh Whitmore, 25, Missoula, per se

Municipal court

Emily Mary Margaret Adams, 23, Missoula

Ty Jacob Belcourt, 22, Missoula

Nicole Michelle Dix, 39, Missoula

Joshua Michael Griffin, 21, Missoula, per se

Nancy Ann McCoy, 70, Missoula, aggravated DUI (two offenses)

Joel Edward PorterSmith, 32, Missoula

Chancei Raymond Roy Sanders, 26, Helena, per se

Violent offenders

Harold Joe Irvine, 2326 Livingston, Missoula

Jonahs James Demontiney, Missoula Pre-Release Center

Paul Richard Dennis, Missoula Pre-Release Center

Michael Stephen Voss, 1700 Cooley St. No. 38, Missoula

Sex offenders

Arnold Lewis Williams III, 1223 Toole Ave. C, Missoula

Steven Todd Hoover, 2204 W. Broadway No. 21, Missoula

Justin Carl Pike, 2200 S. Fifth St. W. No. 5, Missoula 

Jordan Kyle Keefe, 105 Redrock Place, Missoula

Christopher Scott Beals, 2225 Mount Ave., Missoula

Violent and sex offender

Dane Michael Schnedier, 1700 Cooley No. 66, Missoula

Felony sentences

U.S. District Court

Areli Cruz Ramos, 36, of Bozeman, sentenced to time served for illegal reentry.

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