Suzan and Josh Truitt, Lolo, Missoula, boy, June 3

Karen Schlatter and Matt Sutton, Missoula, girl, June 5

Raina and Daniel Noonan, Missoula, boy, June 4

Mariah and Cai Wear, Missoula, girl, June 5

Jessica Jo and Matthew Daniel James, Missoula, girl, June 5

Hannah Gentry and Cody Pflaum, Missoula, girl, June 6

Jessica and Nathan Brown, Corvallis, girl, June 5

Crystal and Luke Ambagis, Conner, girl, June 6

Rachel and Chris Thurston, Missoula, boy, June 9

Trisha and Andrew Drobeck, Missoula, boy, June 8

Brittany and Dan Minor, Potomac, boy, June 9

Rebecca and Aaron St. Peter, Missoula, boy, June 8

Nicole and Heath Shepardson, Missoula, boy, June 7

Tabetha Little Leaf, Missoula, girl, June 5

Kerri Garstang and Jesse Steele, Stevensville, girl, June 4

Shailyne Mathers and Dakota Killgore, Alberton, boy, June 3

Patience McDonald and Devin Jay Bond, Missoula, boy, May 29

Rebecca Lynn Nelson and Kiether Dayne Nelson Sr., Missoula, boy, May 30

Lila Erickson and Jon Burham, Missoula, boy, March 22

Laura Shannon and Cooper Malin, Dixon, boy, June 10


Jennifer Straughan and John S. Anderson, June 1

Natasha Alexandra Fetters and Corey Dewayne Davis, May 31

Dustin Wade Williams and Kristina June Finsaas, May 11

Rachel Nicole Calvin and Nathan Richard Bilstad, June 1

Jordan Michelle Elias and Stanley James Spoharski, June 1

Joseph Stephen Carlson and Jessie Dawn Macias, May 25

Leslie Marie Chapman and Robert Jay Owen, June 1

Alexander Timothy Segal and Sara Elizabeth Anderson, June 1

Kacie Ann Blunt and Christopher George Flankey, May 25

David Richard Allen and Kristin Lee Beal, June 2

James Allan Spruell Jr. and Erica Madeline Akerstrom, June 4

Landen Eugene Beckner and Nicole Alexis Larsen, June 6

Harrison Brandt McGill and Mackenzie Leigh Hungerford, June 6

Nicole Elizabeth Twite and Bo Richard Hughes, June 1 


Trina Shenyer and Charles Shenyer

Jesse Kendall Poling and Joseph Wayne Poling

Laila G. Huson and Lucas E. Huson

Michelle Felde and Eric Lewis Felde

Shawn Allen Beatty and Deanna M. Beatty 

Paul Rollins and Heidi Rollins

Rose Freddie Freeland and Graham Lucas Freeland

Alex Aiden King and Rebecca Gayle Stephens

Naomi Gail Parrish and Daniel William Parrish

Steven Gary Greene and Sherry Lynne Greene

Joshua Adam Johnson and Katrina A. Shull

Elizabeth Morey and Joshua Morey

DUI convictions

Municipal court

Steven Eric Maier, 56, Missoula, per se

Alexander Parris Menendez, 23, Missoula

John Jay Miller, 59, aggravated DUI

Miguel Angel Olivas, 28, Misosula, per se

Justice court

Mary Ellen Bremner, 24, Missoula

Ruth Flynn Burgad, 63, Missoula, per se

Morgan Ryann Hill, 26, St. Regis

Ian Patrick Lockridge, 48, Stevensville

Gabriel Evans Lynn, 34, Missoula

David Michael Maxwell, 39, Whitefish, per se

Enid Rose Wahl, 34, Butte 

Violent offenders

Devin Alton Cox, 2200 S. Fifth St. W. No. 4, Missoula

Tyler James Johnson, 18675 Deep Creek Road, Missoula

Francis Levi Kelsey, 902 Kern St., Missoula

Danial Aden Nielsen, 1317 River Road, Missoula

Thomas Ray Reynolds Jr., 517 Westview Drive, Missoula

Dominic Emilio Vallie, Missoula Pre-Release Center

Rhonda Lynn Hiner, 2804 Bancroft St., Missoula

Austin Tea Miles, 3340 Raymond Ct., Missoula

Norman Jacob Flood, 100 S. Curtis St. No. 7, Missoula

Christopher James Leeson, 2915 S. Seventh St. W., Missoula

Sex offenders

Scott Leo Anderson, 10660 Chaffey Lane, Bonner

Mark Matthew Buss, 22350 Wallace Creek Road, Clinton

Thomas William French, 10020 Highway 93 S., Lolo

Fred Clark Hall, 1236 Kennett Ave., Missoula

Jesse Gary Raines Jr., 805 W. Central Ave., Missoula

Steven Maurice Hayes, 460 Montana Ave., Missoula

Charles Blair Stevenson, 412 Preston St., Missoula

Carl Thomas Swiney, 2302 Ernest Ave., Missoula

Felony sentences

U.S. District court

Giovonni Rashad Lloyd, 26, of Miami Gardens, Florida, was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment; 3 years supervised release for conspiracy.

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