Christina Ness and Troy Griffin, Missoula, boy, May 3.

Stephanie and Brenton Mills, Missoula, girl, May 6.

Jennifer and Kurt Whitmire, Missoula, boy, May 6.


Diane Joy Hutson and Don Robert Wark

Carmen Gabriela Smith and Patrick Dwayne Kelly

Amanda Luella Nemet and Jeffrey David Reed

Maureen Anne Brown Kelley and Randy Charles Ralls

Mary Elizabeth Dailey and Daniel Boone Cole

Jennifer Renee Thompson and Robert Paul Sunset

Christy Vivian Arledge and Theodore Norman Hutcheson

Shannon Marie Hamilton and Shawn Avery Halstead

Jaime Koch and David Deminck

Amy Lynn Schoenfield and William Joseph Miller

Joann Lynn Brown and Ernest William Richardson

Ann Denise Axelberg and Rex H. L. Young

Rosa Isabel Moscoso Mejia and Anthony Scotto

Karla Marie Berkshire and Joseph Tipton Martin

Sandra L. Powell and Gary Richard Powell

Schuyler Hill Clark and Michael Scott Loos

Carrie Dee Westmoreland and Benjamin John Miller

Jeannie Marie Oxford and George Allen Gilpin

Erika Avice Hoff and Benjamin Jeremiah Brooke

Luana Alice Hart and Roger Dennis Hungerford

Cecelia Ann Combo and Stephen Joseph Pinsoneault

Laura Jean Kosmalski and Robert Jeffrey Howe

Theresa Lee Levers and Larry Scott Anderson

Eleisa Sutton and Thomas Petroff

Sari Kay Little and Mark Anthony Hettick

Christine Cay Jordan and Gary Ernest Bradford


Ruth J. Rea and Arthur F. Rea

Angela Lee Smith and Steven Ray Smith

Araceli Julia Ramirez and Richard Edmund Moles

Patricia J. Treichel and Mark E. Treichel

Angela Mari Rinker-Hewitt and William Thomas Hewitt

Cassie Marie Gruebele and Alvin John Gruebele

Helen M. Greymorning and Stephen M. Greymorning

Cynthia Lee Twitt and Daniel Junior Twitt

Phyllis I. Hansen and Charles Hansen

Jennie J. Coyne and Thomas J. Coyne

Willa Montana Gingery and Timothy Gray Moss

Kristin Ann Catton and Theodore Randolph Catton

Patti Jo Thaggard and Stephen Jefferson Thaggard

Reilly Neill and Dustin Wheeler

Patricia K. Gross and Alfred L. Gross Jr.

Tammy Hayes and Daniel Chris Hayes

Traci Lynn Pierce and Robert D. Pierce

Suzanne Melanie Hoell and Richard Aart Vandenpol

Linda L. Armstrong and Frederick James Armstrong

Kirsten H. Lacroix and Joseph T. Lacroix

Nakia D. Muller and Wayne G. Muller

Peggy Jo Weldon-Kolppa and Eric Louis Kolppa

Tausha Barrow and Timothy John Barrow

Julia Watkins McCloy and Wilson W. McCloy

Barbara A. Wilson and Steven W. Wilson

Martha DeAlva King and Jerry J. King

Elrena J. Knapp and Wayne E. Knapp

Kimberly J. Caruso and Gregory R. Caruso


Robert Anthoney Williams, 1125 W. Broadway No. 112, Missoula - Level 2

Richard J. Christian, P.O. Box 452, Bonner - Level 1

Rusty Lyle Esterbrook, Brownies Motel No. 12, West Broadway, Missoula - Level 3

Roland Robert Gonzalez, 7071 Uncle Robert Lane No. 1, Missoula - Level 2

Jeffrey Roy Kohlstadt, 1819 Holborn St. No. 4, Missoula - Level 1

Floid Duncan McFarlane, 60 Futura Park, Missoula - Level 1

Shaun Paul Hansen, 2411 55th St., Apt. A, Missoula - Level 1

Walter Anthony Mulske, 2350 Mullan Road, Missoula - Level 1


Billy Dean Walker, 2239 S. Third St. W., Missoula

Corey Andrew Richardson, 2350 Mullan Road, Missoula

Gary L. Kendall, 2025 North Ave. No. 1, Missoula

Michael Allen Shields, 801 W. Pine St. No. 2, Missoula

Harlan Corey Small, 2025 North Ave. No. 1, Missoula

Melvin Ray Smith, 1833 Stoddard St. No. 5, Missoula

Timothy Robert Dratz, 200 Connell Ave. No. A2, Missoula

James Mason Kem, 2430 Mullan Road, Missoula

Matthew Pitzer, 11715 U.S. Highway 93 S., Lolo

Robbie Lamar Anderson, 2304 Ernest Ave., Missoula


Avis A. Donnelly

MISSOULA - Avis A. Donnelly of Missoula died of natural causes Sunday, May 6, at the Village Health Care Center. Arrangements will be announced by Garden City Funeral Home and Crematory.

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