HAMILTON - Girls from Hamilton swept the singles and doubles championships at the Corvallis-Hamilton Invitational tennis tournament on Saturday.

No team scores were kept in the tournament.

Hamilton's Jessica Richter downed Dillon's Haley McDonald 6-1, 6-4 to take the girls' singles championship.

The Broncs' doubles tandem of Erin Millar and Dusty Williams notched a 6-3, 6-3 victory over Jessi Jacobsen and Jodi Auch in the finals of that event.

In boy's singles play, Dustin Frye of Corvallis defeated Valley Christian's Chris Jackson for the title 6-3, 6-2.

Brian Wells and Aaron Riley won a third championship for Hamilton in the boy's doubles, beating David Carney and Rich Jessop of Corvallis, 6-1, 6-4.

Participating teams were Hamilton, Corvallis, Ronan, Butte Central, Dillon Anaconda, Missoula Loyola and Valley Christian.

Corvallis/Hamilton Invitational

Teams competing: Corvallis, Hamilton, Ronan, Butte Central, Dillon, Anaconda, Missoula Loyola, Valley Christian



Championship semifinals - Jessica Richter, Ham, def. Yeoman, Ana, 6-2, 6-3; Haley McDonald, Dil, def. Erica Shelby, Ron, 6-2, 6-4.

Championship finals - Richter, Ham, def. McDonald, Dil, 6-1, 6-4.

Consolation finals - Joy Morey, VC, won by default


Championship semifinals - Erin Millar-Dusty Williams, Ham, def. Ashley Stoddard-Tiffany Stoddar, Dil, 3-6, 6-4, 6-3; Jessi Jacobson-Jodi Auch, Cor, def. Rachel Chaney-Morgan Goheen, Ham, 6-3, 6-3.

Championship finals - Millar-Williams, Ham, def. Jacobson-Auch, Cor, 7-5, 6-2.

Consolation finals - Beth Laslovich-Ashley Colbert, Ana, def. Sarah Cummings-Rachel Cummings, Ron, 6-4, 6-4.



Championship semifinals - Dustin Frye, Cor, def. Dustin Williams, Loy, 6-4, 6-3; Chris Jackson, VC, def. Todd Kenley, Ham, 6-2, 6-3.

Championship finals - Frye, Cor, def. Jackson, VC, 6-3, 6-2.

Consolation finals - Rial Weber, Cor, def. Brian Barnes, Ana, 2-6, 6-0, 7-6.


Championship semifinals - Brian Wells-Aaron Riley, Ham, def. Lucas Wall-Daniel Lautzenheiser, VC, 7-6, 6-3; David Carney-Rich Jessop, Cor, def. Brett Walchuk-Tyler Roberts, Ron, 6-4, retired.

Championship finals - Wells-Riley, Ham, def. Carney-Jessop, Cor, 6-1, 6-4.

Consolation finals - Aaron Collette-Josh Kling, BC, def. Trey Starnes-Matt Holman, Loy, 2-6, 6-1, 7-6.


Whitefish 7, Libby 0

Singles - Thiago Mariano, W, def. Jeremiah Barks, 6-1, 6-1; Doug Shryock, W, def. Chris Rainer, 6-1, 6-1; Aaron Fey, W, def. Tomas Mihalcin, 6-1, 6-1; Ben Ruffatto, W, def. Daniel Desch, 6-0, 6-0.

Doubles -Rob Richardson-A.J. Ingraham, W, def. William Douglas-Casey Cotter, 6-2, 5-7, 7-6 (7-2); Jose Delgado-Scott McCracken, W, won by forfeit; Jacob Schultz-Brian Meyer, W, won by forfeit.

Whitefish 6, Stevensvile 1

Singles - Thiago Mariano, W, def. Elias Travis, 6-1, 6-0; Doug Shryock, W, def. Kevin Koepplin, 6-1, 6-0; Aaron Fey, W, def. Bryan Galipeau, 6-0, 6-2; Ben Ruffatto, W, won by forfeit.

Doubles - Scott Barbian-Tanner Mullin, S, def. Rob Richardson-A.J. Ingrahm, 6-4, 6-3; Jose Delgado-Scott McCracken, W, def. Jake Parker-Carl Woltanski, 6-0, 6-0; Jacob Schulkz-Brian Meyer, W, won by forfet.


Whitefish 7, Libby 0

Singles - Alison Fey, W, def. Heather House, 6-1, 6-2; Elizabeth Blair, W, def. Kaleena Couvillion, 6-3, 6-2; Andrea Donahue, W, Melanmie Beasley, 6-2, 6-1; Lisa Macalister, W, def. Bryanna Christian, 6-1, 6-0.

Doubles - Marrin Audet-Kyla Shafer, W, def. Janelle Doubek-Donna Mari, 6-2, 6-4; Monica Senin-Kate Opatz, W, def. Kim Baker-Jill Wilson, 6-1, 6-1; Rachel Gianos-Hayley Codiga, W, def. Krista Moniz-Megan Friss, 6-1, 6-0.

Whitefish 7, Stevensville 0

Singles - Alison Fey, W, def. Rachel Proud, 6-0, 6-0; Rachel Gianos, W, def. Caitlin Mathison, 6-1, 6-0; Lisa Macalister, W, def. Chelsea Rhodda, 6-0, 6-0; Hayley Codiga, W, def. Sarah Kauffman, 6-0, 6-0.

Doubles - Andrea Donohue-Elizabth Blair, W, def. Jana Conrad-Jessi Schott, 6-2, 6-4; Marrin Audet-Kyla Schafer, W, def. Erin Ewer-Zoe Kravis, 6-3, 6-1; Kate Opatz-Monica Senin, W, def. Kristi Rosin-Tiffany Davis, 6-0, 6-3.

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