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Spud Bisque is as thick as any roux-based soup, with a grounding, fungal flavor. It’s completely satisfying served as is, with a garnish of chopped greens and mayo, and the kids love it.

Soup can be so cozy to eat when its cold and snowy outside. It is also welcomed when you want something hearty and filling, and you can include all the essential nutrients in one bowl.  

You can prepare pears in many ways, whether you decide to have them fresh, baked in bread, prepared into desserts, in salads, roasted with meats, made into preserves, served as an appetizer or in drinks.

I have perfected hot cocoa. Created the cup that I always wanted, but nobody else could give to me. My cocoa is as thick as sea foam, yet flows enough to drink, each swallow like a warm hug.

French onion soup is the world’s most elegant dish. Not the kind of elegance you’d find on a white tablecloth with extra silverware, but elegant in the sense that scientists use the word.

If you have not decided on your menu for your holiday meals, and would like to try something new, here are some dishes that you may be interested to try.

Get yourself a good, crusty loaf, and some tasty olive oil, and some salt. Mix up the oil, salt and garlic, and start dipping. 

The holidays are a perfect time to make traditional Christmas breads. There are so many breads and coffee cakes that have been made for years that celebrate the Christmas theme.

Now is the time to craft a plan that will help you navigate the treacherous temptations of the holiday food table. The recipe for massaged kale salad is guaranteed to leave your belly happy.

Making a side dish for a holiday get together is a rite of the season, and one for which we should be grateful. 

Enhance squash pies with chocolate, which goes so perfectly with squash pie. When feeling particularly intdulgen, bake a chocolate chip squash pie with a pecan pie on top.

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