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Anyone who watched or participated in the FWP committee meeting on HB505 last week had to be amazed at the people who introduced the bill, tho…

The Republican Party campaigned on individual freedoms, local control, less government. Why, then are there so many bills that decrease our pe…

Donald Trump is the leader of a political movement in America. Senator Steve Daines revealed he is a solid member of this political movement w…

Maybe Gov. Gianforte’s decision to lift the mask mandate inspired Canada to tighten up the border. Thank you, Canada, for putting prudence and…

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Donald Trump is not going to fade away in 2021 or even in 2022. In fact, expect Donald Trump to leverage influence in the GOP for years to come. Experts lay out how Donald Trump can influence the Republican Party through his impeachment and beyond.

Trumpians don't get the un-FOXed truth. Donald Trump colluded with the Russians for his 2016 win. He tried to railroad the Ukrainian governmen…

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Following an election loss, every party will face an internal debate about what to do next. For the Republican Party, those questions are going to be complicated. Which lawmakers are likely to emerge as leaders from the controversy of recent weeks? Can we expect more bipartisan measures?

Opinion: I ask Governor Gianforte, in his leadership role, to reflect both his intelligence and conscience, and drop this foolish plan to endanger us all by removing the mask mandate.

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