Associated Press 20 people want to adopt black mutt

BOZEMAN (AP) - Hope, the black mutt shot between the eyes and left for dead five weeks ago, was reunited with her savior Friday in the lobby of the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine at Pullman.

Hope had been undergoing treatment at the hospital since March 6.

Pat Hess, Gallatin County's animal control officer, and her husband drove from Bozeman to Pullman to pick up the dog and return her.

"Hope is happy to see everybody," Hess said in a telephone interview with the Bozeman Daily Chronicle on Friday night. "She just really loves everybody."

The hole between Hope's eyes, where the bullet entered, and the one under her neck, where it exited, have healed.

"Hope is like any other dog except her head tilts to the right a little bit, she's blind in one eye, and she's deaf," Charlie Powell, vet college spokesman, said.

"But she looks good and feels good and she's happy. She has a good prospect for a nice life."

About 20 people have contacted Hess saying they'd like to adopt Hope. Powell said others have contacted him.

"I think it's a great way for this story to end because she's healed and she's going to be going to a good home," Powell said.

Hope's ordeal began when she was shot between the eyes by her owner and left for dead at a fishing access site west of Bozeman, perhaps as long as 24 hours before the dog was discovered Feb. 26.

Hess was contacted and she brought Hope to the All West Veterinary Hospital for treatment. Hope was taken to the Pullman hospital March 6 and was operated on March 11.

The cost of Hope's treatment at All West was to be paid by Andrew Davis Gage of Belgrade, Hope's owner. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty.

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