Live coverage from Montana's road game against Sacramento State on Oct. 19, 2019, in Sacramento, California.

Montana sophomore wide receiver Gabe Sulser wasn't spotted during pregame warmups. It was announced in the press box that he wouldn't be playing. It was also announced the Kordell Pillans will be starting at left guard over Angel Villanueva, who appeared to get injured in the Grizzlies' most recent game. 

Montana wins the toss and will receive the opening kickoff.

First quarter

Montana senior wide receiver Jerry Louie-McGee takes an end-around 64 yards for a TD down the right sideline. Quarterback Dalton Sneed pitches in with blocking after getting the ball to JLM. It's the first time the Griz have scored on either of their first two drives this season. Brandon Purdy PAT. SCORE: Montana 7, Sacramento State 0, 13:51 left in the quarter. 3 plays, 75 yards in 1:09.

Sacramento State answers on a 44-yard touchdown pass from Kevin Thomson to Pierre Williams. 2-point run by Marshel Martin is good. SCORE: Sacramento State 8, Montana 7, 11:43 left in the quarter. 5 plays, 75 yards in 2:08.

Sneed targets Sammy Akem down the right sideline and is picked off by CB Daron Bland. It's the second INT of the season for Bland, eighth for Sac State. Hornets ball on the 50-yard line. Thomson goes back to Pierre, who is open in between three defenders down the right sideline. 32-yard pass, and the Hornets are at Montana's 13-yard line. Montana holds Sacramento State to a 34-yard field goal by Devon Medeiros, who hits a 34-yarder. It's the first field goal of the season for the Hornets. SCORE: Sacramento State 11, Montana 7, with 8:34 left in the quarter. 6 plays, 34 yards in 2:44.

Montana picks up a first down on a 20-yard pass from Sneed to Colin Bingham on third-and-12. Sneed overthrows Mitch Roberts and is nearly picked off for a second time on third-and-14 at the Sac State 44-yard line. Montana is the first team to punt. 6:41 left in the quarter.

Sac State running back Elijah Dotson takes a shovel pass 23 yards, and the Hornets are now at Montana's 40-yard line. Former walk-on Parker Clayton, a true freshman, follows with a highlight-reel, one-handed grab for 26 yards to the 9-yard line. Thomson keeps the ball and runs up the middle for a 7-yard score. Medeiros PAT good. SCORE: Sacramento State 18, Montana 7, with 3:20 left in the quarter. 8 plays, 87 yards in 3:21.

Montana's offensive line can't handle the third-down pressure as George Obinna and Josiah Erickson get to him at the Grizzlies' 5-yard line. Montana punts for the second consecutive possession. That's two sacks and four TFLs given up by the Griz in 13 minutes.

After a Montana punt, Dante Olson forces a fumble recovered by Gavin Robertson at Montana's 46-yard line.

End first quarter: Sacramento State 18, Montana 7

Second quarter

Sneed gets lost in a pile of players and looks to be stopped, but then he bursts out of nowhere and glides into the end zone for a 19-yard score. Mitch Roberts converts 2-point pass to Matthew O'Donoghue. SCORE: Sacramento State 18, Montana 15, with 13:49 left in the half. 8 plays, 54 yards in 2:46.

Trick play by Sac State as WR Lucas Triplett throws throws 34 yards to RB Elijah Dotson in double coverage. Hornets at UM's 37-yard line. After Olson lays a big blindside hit on Thomson, Medeiros hits a 32-yard field goal. SCORE: Sacramento State 21, Montana 15, with 11:05 left in the half. 7 plays, 61 yards in 2:44.

Sneed's pass over the middle is bobbled and dropped by Sammy Akem. He would've been off to the races for a go-ahead TD. Montana lines up to go for it on fourth-and-inches but can't get Sac State to jump offside and ends up punting. Michael McGinnis with an immediate tackle on punt coverage. Sac State ball on its own 16-yard line.

Sac State directs snaps to backup running back BJ Perkinson on third-and-2, and he runs for 3 yards to Montana's 30-yard line. Thomson hits Clayton for a 16-yard touchdown in the back right corner of the end zone. Medeiros PAT good. SCORE: Sacramento State 28, Montana 15, with 3:00 left in the half. 14 plays, 84 yards in 5:53.

Sneed is sacked for the third time, second by Dariyn Choates, and the Griz are forced to punt. Montana's Ryder Rice has a pass hit both his hands, but he drops the interception in Sac State territory. Sophomore Braydon Deming sacks Thomson. That's the first time a non-FBS team has sacked Thomson this season.

Samori Toure has a pass go off his hands and it gets picked off by Malik Jeter, who returns it 16 yards to the Montana 40-yard line. Sac State receivers get open deep again, and Thomson hits Andrew Hem for a 40-yard touchdown one play after missing a diving receiver in the end zone. Medeiros PAT good. SCORE: Sacramento State 35, Montana 15, with 0:37 left in the half. 2 plays, 40 yards in 0:12.

End second quarter: Sacramento State 35, Montana 15

Third quarter

Montana is called for personal foul and pass interference penalties on the Hornets' first drive. Thomson runs in for a 2-yard score, his fifth total TD today, and the third consecutive game he's had five total TDs. Medeiros PAT good. SCORE: Sacramento State 42, Montana 15, with 8:45 left in the quarter. 11 plays, 75 yards in 6:07.

Montana goes three-and-out and punts on its opening possession. Montana redshirt freshman Milton Mamula chases down Kevin Thomson and forces a fumble, recovered by Jace Lewis at the Sac State 41-yard line.

Sneed is sacked on the first play after that. He's taken down on a completed pass the next play and is down on the field. Timeout on the field. Sneed walks off very gingerly. He appears to have trouble putting weight on his right leg. Cam Humphrey comes in for Sneed. Montana RB Marcus Knight runs for a 32-yard TD up the middle on fourth-and-1. Nearly untouched. Purdy PAT good. SCORE: Sacramento State 42, Montana 22, 4:08 left in the quarter. 4 plays, 41 yards in 1:10.

The Hornets continue attacking, and Thomson throws a 39-yard TD to Dotson down the left sideline on fourth-and-6. Medeiros PAT good. SCORE: Sacramento State 49, Montana 22, with 0:14 left in the quarter. 8 plays, 74 yards in 3:50.

End third quarter: Sacramento state 49, Montana 22

Fourth quarter

Montana redshirt freshman defensive lineman Alex Gubner intercepts a tipped pass. That's the second interception for the 6-foot-3, 285-pound Gubner, who is the new interception leader on the Griz this season. Montana turns over the ball on downs for the second consecutive drive to start the fourth quarter.

Montana's third drive in the fourth quarter ended with a turnover on downs in its own territory.

Final: Sacramento State 49, Montana 22.

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