MISSOULA — The Missoula Big Sky administration conducted an investigation of some players on the Big Sky girls' basketball team that resulted in "some consequences," said Missoula County Public Schools communications director Hatton Littman.

But Littman would not provide specifics of the investigation or of any disciplinary measures that may have been taken against players or the program.

The Missoulian received an email Wednesday alleging that players on the Big Sky girls' basketball team were vaping on the team bus, and once in a locker room, earlier this month.

According to the email, there was an investigation headed by the Big Sky administration into the matter, as well as into an allegation of bullying where players in the Big Sky basketball program allegedly intimidated and threatened their teammates.

Littman initially asked for clarification about what the Missoulian was calling about, and was told of the claims in the email. She said, "We're talking about the same situation" in terms of the investigation, but she did not confirm or deny any specifics.

Littman said the investigation into the matter is complete and that the disciplinary actions have been taken.

The Eagles are 0-4 overall and play crosstown rival Missoula Hellgate (0-3) at 7:15 p.m. Thursday.

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