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Duston Stephens of Corvallis competes in tie-down roping at the Montana High School Rodeo Association District 5 rodeo Monday morning in Drummond. He took a no time in the event. Photo by LINDA THOMPSON/Missoulian

DRUMMOND - Cowboy boots, horses, bulls, wranglers and that trademark manure smell.


All things rodeo were in Drummond over the weekend.

Romance, too.

Duston Stephens, 19, of Corvallis, admitted that Drummond isn't exactly the ideal weekend getaway for him and his girlfriend, Danielle Staudenmeyer of Dillon.

"There's not too much to do here," he said, but it did provide some fun and give the pair another rodeo to look forward to after the Montana High School Rodeo District 5 finals ended Monday.

Stephens capped the four-day rodeo with a first-place finish in the calf roping and a second-place finish in steer wrestling.

Longtime rodeo announcer Jeff Forbes described Stephens as a "carbon copy" of the professionals after his 7.55-second drop of a steer.

Whitefish's Dillon Wilkinson won the event, rolling his steer in 6.10 seconds. Stephens closed second in the all-around to Jake Andrews of Kalispell.

Staudenmeyer earned the top spot in goat tying and teamed up with Cate Hirschy of Jackson for sixth in the team roping event.

By earning points in each event, the young couple qualified for the State Finals in Bozeman June 9-13 where Stephens is aiming to improve on a second-place all-around performance last season.

"I just want to catch all my calves and be smart and not get in a hurry or anything," he said. "In high school, it's not really a timed event, even though it is. It is more of a catching event.

"If you catch, you usually place in high school, so I'm just going to go and catch everything."

As for getting to rope and wrangle some steers alongside Staudenmeyer again - it's not that big of deal for both of them, according to Stephens.

Monday's rodeo was broken into a morning and afternoon session. Rodeo-goers ended the first session with a drive to the Drummond cemetery for a Memorial Day dedication. Many also later appeared in the Memorial Day Parade through downtown Drummond before getting back into action.

Becky Jo Dumont was the only girl to break 18 seconds in barrel racing. The 18-year-old from Charlo zipped to a 17.96 finish on Sunday and then closed fourth overall on Monday with an 18.22 to claim a district title.

Dumont trains horses and reaped the benefits of sticking with her 7-year-old male in just his second year of barrel racing.

"I came in just trying to be consistent, but winning districts is great," Dumont said. "Last year, I was just trying to make my horse run, but this time, I felt we could really do well. I'm really happy with him."

Missoula's Emily Schall (18.02) edged Florence's Jill Harris (18.04) for the top spot through the barrels Monday. Harris managed to pick up a win in pole bending.

Later in the day, Brooke Hirschy of Jackson earned the fastest time in the breakaway roping, registering a 3.65.

On the sidelines of the arena, young, future ropers practiced building a loop and lassoing one another while dogs anxiously watched the riders and steers streak by while also trying to avoid the occasional loop headed for their hind legs.

"This has been a really fun rodeo," Corvallis freshman Kelsey Trexler said. "This is also the longest rodeo I have ever been too ... but it meant a lot to be here because I won my second buckle ever."

Trexler recorded a 4.68 in the breakaway event on Sunday. She also was third (21.76) through the poles Monday.

The roughly 100 spectators were silent just three bulls into bull riding when Dakota Rice of Spirit Lake, Idaho, was bucked off seconds out of the gate. He landed awkwardly on his right shoulder and was later taken away on stretcher by local paramedics. Forbes, the announcer, said Rice had movement in all his extremities and appeared to be fine.

Columbia Falls bull rider Matt Triplett scored a 65 on the ride directly after the accident. He and Garrett McNeill of Florence were the only bull riders to score points at the rodeo. McNeill won Monday's bull riding with a 79. Triplett scored a 73 to top McNeill (60) on Sunday.

Montana High School Rodeo District 5 Finals at Drummond



Barrel Racing - 1, Emily Schall, Missoula, 18.02; 2, Jill Harris, Florence, 18.04; 3, Cate Hirschy, Jackson, 18.20; 4, Becky Jo Dumont, Charlo, 18.22; 5, Raegan Tracy, Victor, 18.31; 6, Makenzie Melton, Victor, 18.36; 7, Jaylyn Garrison, Arlee, 18.52; 8, Taylor Staudenmeyer, Dillon, 18.69; 9, Kelsey Trexler, Corvallis, 18.71; 10, Kelsie Blevins, Charlo, 18.83.

Pole Bending - 1, Jill Harris, Florence, 21.18; 2, Taylor Staudenmeyer, Dillon, 21.65; 3, Kelsey Trexler, Corvallis, 21.76; 4, Samantha Novak, Elliston, 22.94; 5, Moriah Gilmore, Charlo, 25.27; 6, Cate Hirschy, Jackson, 27.11; 7, Brooke Hirschy, Jackson, 27.11; 8, Lexi Bagnell, Polson, 27.41; 9, Kelsie Blevins, Charlo, 28.73; 10, Jackie Teague, Seeley Lake, 30.11.

Goat Tying - 1, Danielle Staudenmeyer, Dillon, 7.49; 2, Rikki Yount, Deer Lodge, 7.80; 3, Jessica Read, Plains, 7.92; 4, Brooke Hirschy, Jackson, 8.09; 5, Cate Hirschy, Jackson, 8.36; 6, Jaylyn Garrison, Arlee, 9.80; 7, Jondie Rianda, Kalispell, 10.28; 8, Taylor Staudenmeyer, Dillon, 10.34; 9, Raegan Tracy, Victor, 11.11; 10, Kelsie Blevins, Charlo, 11.22.

Breakaway Roping - 1, Brooke Hirschy, 3.65; 2, Becky Jo Dumont, 4.78; 3, Nichele Marmon, Arlee, 6.31; 4, Emily Schall, Missoula, 7.25.

All-Around - 1, Brooke Hirschy, Jackson, 30 points; 2, Cate Hirschy, Jackson, 25; 3, Emily Schall, Missoula, 24; 4, Jill Harris, Florence, 19.


Bull riding - 1, Garrett McNeill, Florence, 79; 2, Matt Triplett, Columbia Falls, 65. Also competing: Egil Estvold, Missoula; Dakota Rice, Spirit Lake, Idaho; Steven Erickson, Missoula; Seth Spain, Florence; Garrett Smith, Deer Lodge; Clay Reynolds, Melrose; Phil Shields, Philipsburg; Cody Brewer, Kalispell.

Calf Roping - 1, Duston Stephens, Corvallis, 11.20; 2, Jake Andrews, Kalispell, 19.09; 3, Tyson Reese, Wisdom, 24.26.

Steer Wrestling - 1, Dillon Wilkinson, Whitefish, 6.10; 2, Duston Stephens, Corvallis, 7.55; 3, Jake Andrews, Kalispell, 17.56; 4, Tucker Marquadt, Kalispell, 23.38.

All-Around - 1, Jake Andrews, Kalispell, 23; 2, Duston Stephens, Corvallis, 19; 3, Tyson Reese, Wisdom, 18; 4, Tucker Marquadt, Kalispell, 13.

Team Roping - Anne Hutten/Tyson Reese, 14.38; 2, Brooke Hirschy/Ty Hedrick, 24.00; 3, Emma Edwards/Tyler Marr, 26.51; 4, Shawn George, 28.20; 5, Tucker Marquadt/Jake Andrews, 28.50; 6, Danielle Staudenmeyer/Cate Hirschy, 30.40.



Barrel Racing - 1, Becky Jo Dumont, Charlo, 17.96 seconds; 2, Jill Harris, Florence, 18.28; 3, Kelsey Trexler, Corvallis, 18.33; 4, Emily Schall, Missoula, 18.37; 5, Elly Hogue, Philipsburg, 18.40; 6, Brooke Hirschy, Jackson, 18.51; 7, Kylene Reynolds, Melrose, 18.62; 8, Cate Hirschy, Jackson, 18.68; 9, Rebecca Lake, Polson, 18.73; 10, Kelsie Blevins, Charlo, 18.82.

Pole Bending - 1, Makenzie Melton, Victor, 21.37; 2, Lexi Bagnell, Polson, 21.58; 3, Kelsey Trexler, Corvallis, 22.10; 4, Jaylynn Garrison, Arlee, 22.18; 5, Moriah Gilmore, Charlo, 22.75; 6, Cate Hirschy, Jackson, 26.69; 7, Jill Harris, Florence, 26.82; 8, Samantha Novak, Elliston, 27.97; 9, Brooke Hirschy, Jackson, 28.37; 10, Kelsie Blevins, Charlo, 28.45.

Goat Tying - 1, Raegan Tracy, Victor, 9.32; 2, Jaylyn Garrison, Arlee, 9.70; 3, Jessica Read, Plains, 9.78; 4, Rebecca Lake, Polson, 10.22; 5, Lexi Bagnell, Polson, 10.73; 6, Cate Hirschy, Jackson, 12.68; 7, Samantha Novak, Elliston, 12.86; 8, Jondie Rianda, Kalispell, 14.10; 9, Kelsie Blevins, Charlo, 14.54; 10, Jill Harris, Florence, 16.91.

Breakaway Roping - 1, Kelsey Trexler, Corvallis, 4.68; 2, Cate Hirschy, Jackson, 4.75; 3, Emial Schall, Missoula, 6.70; 4, Brooke Hirschy, Jackson, 13.68; 5, Nichele Marmon, Arlee, 15.59.

All-Around - 1, Cate Hirschy, Jackson, 27 points; 2, Kelsey Trexler, Corvallis, 26; 3, Emily Schall, Missoula, 24; 4 (tie), Jaylyn Garrison, Arlee, 23; Brooke Hirschy, Jackson, 23.


Bull riding - 1, Matt Triplett, Columbia Falls, 73; 2, Garrett McNeill, 60.

Calf Roping - 1, Tyler Hedrick, Frenchtown, 10.75; 2, Tyson Reese, Wisdom, 15.00; 3, Duston Stephens, Corvallis, 24.90; 4, Shawn George, Ronan, 29.46.

Steer Wrestling - 1, Dillon Wilkinson, Whitefish, 6.38; 2, Tucker Marquadt, Kalispell, 7.51; 3, Duston Stephens, Corvallis, 7.51; 4, Jake Andrews, Kalispell, 8.63; 5, Jeff Markette, Corvallis, 20.97.

All-Around - 1, Tyler Hedrick, Frenchtown, 20; 2 (tie), Tucker Marquadt, Kalispell, 16.5; Duston Stephens, 16.5; 4, Shawn George, Ronan, 16.

Team Roping - 1, Brooke Hirschy/Ty Hedrick, 8.33; 2, Shawn George/Emila Schall, 9.60; 3, Tucker Marquadt/Jake Andrews, 12.12; 4, Cody Sheridan/Colt Nagy, 12.63; 5, Cate Hirschy/Tyson Reese, 15.39.


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