Class AA State Tournament

At Helena's Siebel Fields on Thursday


Missoula Big Sky (9-2-1) vs. Billings Senior (6-4-3)

Big Sky outscored its opposition 44-21 during the regular season. The West’s No. 1 offense is paced by conference scoring champion Whitney Morrison’s (19 goals, eight assists) 48 points. Next are teammates Hannah Santamaria (12 goals, 11 assists) with 35 points and Tilynn McGreevey (seven goals, one assist) at 15 points. The defense posted two shutouts. Senior edged its opponents 25-21, behind Blair Stapleton (12 goals, three assists) at 27 points and Laura Zimmer (five goals, three assists) with 13. The defense did not have a shutout.

Missoula Sentinel (6-4-3) vs. Bozeman (6-4-2)

Bozeman, last year’s state runner-up, outscored its opponents 30-15, led by Sophia Robinson (six goals, three assists) at 15 points and Hannah Scott (six goals, one assist) and Addie Eckstrom (five goals, three assists) with 13 points apiece. The defense compiled five shutouts. Sentinel shaded its opponents by an overall score of 29-25, behind the offense of Aisley Allen (16 goals, three assists) for 35 points and Quinn Peacock (four goals, seven assists) at 15 points. The defense attained one shutout.

Billings Skyview (12-0-0) vs. Flathead (6-5-2)

Undefeated Skyview led the Eastern Conference offensively and defensively, outscoring their opponents 57-3. Sparking the attack were Jordan Roe (16 goals, 17 assists) with a conference-high 49 points, Halle Labert’s (13 goals, 12 assists) 39 points and Ashlyn Braun (12 goals, four assists) at 29. Skyview’s defense amassed nine shutouts. Flathead was outscored 26-21 by its opposition during the regular season. Leading the offense were sisters Shayenn (11 goals, two assists) and Skyliegh Tompson (five goals, five assists) with 24 and 15 points. Their defense posted two shutouts.

Billings West (6-3-4) vs. Missoula Hellgate (5-2-5)

Hellgate held an 18-15 scoring advantage over its opponents, behind offensive leader Gabriella Beaton’s (three goals, three assists) with 9 points. The conference-leading defense achieved three shutouts. West outscored its counterparts 20-14, led by Amaya Winkler (four goals, six assists) with 14 points and Melissa Duggar (five goals, two assists) at 12 points. The defense had five shutouts.

2:30 p.m.

Missoula Hellgate (11-0-1) vs. Billings Skyview (6-4-3)

Hellgate is the three-time defending state champion. The Knights led the conference offensively and defensively, outscoring their opposition 66-11. The offense is led by the conference’s top scorer, Matt Baldridge (14 goals, 14 assists) with 42 points, Beckett Arthur (12 goals, six assists) at 30 points and Cole Hague (seven goals, 10 assists) with 18. Hellgate’s defense has posted four shutouts. Skyview has been outscored 23-21 by their opponents. The offense is paced by Sean Comstock (five goals, three assists) and Aidan Morgan (four goals, three assists) with 13 and 11 points. The defense has posted five shutouts.  

Missoula Sentinel (8-5-0) vs. Billings Senior (6-2-3)

Senior owns a 26-10 scoring advantage over its opposition, led by Caleb Borgstrom (13 goals, two assists) with 28 points and Simon Rolfson’s (five goals, five assists) 15 points. The defense owns seven shutouts. Sentinel has outscored its opponents 37-29, behind the offense of Sam Olsen (10 goals, four assists) at 24 points and Cole Reimer’s (eight goals, three assists) 19. The defense has three shutouts.

Bozeman (12-0-0) vs. Capital (7-4-2)

The unbeaten, untied Bozeman Hawks dominated the conference offensively and defensively with a 78-3 scoring advantage over the rest of the teams from the East. Spearheading the onslaught were Zach Springer and Aspen Cline, both with 16 goals, nine assists and 41 points apiece. Ted Scott (13 goals, 12 assists) has 38 points. The Hawks defense amassed nine shutouts. Capital owns a 29-19 scoring advantage over the opposition during the regular season. Their top scorers are Aidan Adamek (eight goals, five assists) and Ryan Quinn (nine goals, two assists) at 21 and 20 points. The defense has posted two shutouts.

Billings West (8-5-0) vs. Helena (9-2-1)

Helena has outscored its opponents 42-19. The offense is led by Ben Ries-Roncalli (seven goals, seven assists) with 21 points, Aidan Morris (six goals, eight assists) at 20 and Treven Maharg’s (six goals, three assists) 16 points. The defense has achieved four shutouts. West owns a 24-18 scoring advantage over its counterparts, led by Logan Brown (three goals, six assists) and Hayden Bentzel (two goals, seven assists) with 12 and 11 points. The defense achieved three shutouts.

NOTE: Regular season stats

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