There were three repeat performances at this year’s Jug Beck Rocky Mountain Classic wrestling tournament, which concluded at Sentinel High School on Saturday.

The top team at the 36th annual tournament was Great Falls High, which totaled 213 points to defend its crown from a year ago.

“We felt like we had a great effort this weekend,” Bison head coach Steve Komac said. “We truly believe this is the toughest tournament in all of Montana, probably one of the toughest in the Northwest with all the out-of-state competition.”

Spokane’s University High took second place at 190.5 points and Sentinel edged out Lewiston, Idaho, with 171.5 for third.

“I’m pretty happy,” Sentinel head coach Jeremy LaPorte said. “The kids, from the beginning of yesterday, just wrestled amazing. It was kind of fun to see it all come together today.”

Lewiston (171) and Bozeman (150.5) rounded out the top five.

As for individuals, only two – Sentinel’s Jaydn Wilson and Chandler Rogers of Mead (Spokane) – took home a second-straight title.

Wilson, who won the 215-pound weight class a year ago, strolled into the championship bout behind three consecutive pins in the heavyweight division.

However, University High’s Tate Orndorff pushed Wilson the entire six minutes, where the Sentinel junior ultimately claimed an 11-4 win.

“That kid (Orndorff) is pretty good,” Wilson said. “He keeps his hips down a lot and he’s good at fighting off his back.

“My strategy was take-downs. That’s about it, just get take-downs. Not worry too much about being on top.”

Replacing Wilson atop the 215-pound class was last year’s Rocky Mountain runner-up Darby Maier. Maier, a senior at Missoula Big Sky, held on for a 5-4 victory over Mead’s Mason Ju in the title match.

“It’s the toughest tournament I’ve ever won,” Maier said. “It feels like a big accomplishment. It means a lot at the moment, but I know that in the future, it’s really not going to mean that much.”

Later joining Wilson in the back-to-back individual title circle was Rogers, who went up from 160 in 2012 to 171 this year.

Rogers wrestled his way to the lone championship pin of the evening, sticking Coeur d’Alene’s Hudson Staub in three minutes, eight seconds.

Although Great Falls was the tournament’s top team, only one Great Falls wrestler finished No. 1.

“Our 119-pounder, Kenton Evans,” Komac said. “This is his first high school championship victory. He’s been coming on strong all season long. For him to not only win the first of his career, but to win at this caliber of competition is dynamite.”

Out of 13 Bison competing this year, 10 placed.

“To win a tournament like this, champs don’t really win it, team places do,” Komac said. “Placing 10 is probably as good as we’ve ever done.”

While the top three teams receive trophies and the top eight individuals from each weight class receive either ribbons or medals, two individuals were singled out. Lewiston’s Bryce Parson, whose unbeaten mark has now reached 33 matches, was selected as the tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler.

Parson won five matches en route to his 10-0 major decision victory over Belgrade’s Bryce Weatherston and the 135-pound crown.

Rogers, the aforementioned two-time champion, won the tournament’s “Quickpin” award, which is given to the wrestler who sees the least amount of mat time during wins.

Rogers totaled 8:27 on his way to five pins in five matches, including a 15-second pin in the opening round.

In all, University High led teams with five top-three finishes. However, only one U-Hi wrestler finished on top of the field, 140-pounder Ryan Gabel.

Central Valley, Wash., netted the most individual winners with three: Bryson Beard (112), Colton Orrino (130) and Tanner Davis (189.

Jug Beck Rocky Mountain Classic at Sentinel High School


Team scores (abbreviations)

1, Great Falls High (GFH), 213; 2, University High (UHI), 190.5; 3, Missoula Sentinel (MSH), 171.5; 4, Lewiston (LEW), 171; 5, Bozeman (BOZ), 150.5; 6, Mead (MED), 149; 7, Coeur d’Alene (CDA), 147; 8, Central Valley (CV), 144; 9, Belgrade (BEL), 134.5; 10, Havre (HAV), 123; 11, Missoula Big Sky (MBS), 116; 12, Kalispell Glacier (GLA), 103; 13, Fergus County (FRG), 85.5; 14, Kalispell Flathead (FLT), 82.5; 15, Ronan (RON), 82; 16, Frenchtown (FTN), 79; 17, Great Falls Russell (CMR), 75; 18, Butte (BUT), 74.5; 19, Bonners Ferry (BNF), 72.5; 20, Polson (POL), 68; 21, Corvallis (COR), 48; 22, Helena High (HH), 46.5; 23, Clarkston (CLK), 43.5; 24, Columbia Falls (CFS), 43; 25, Ferris (FER), 41; 25, Libby (LIB), 41; 27, Lake City (LCT), 38; 28, Missoula Hellgate (HGT), 37; 29, Hamilton (HAM), 28; 30, Superior (SUP), 24.5; 31, Helena Capital (CAP), 10.

Individual weights

98 lbs

Semifinals – Anthony Price, CDA, pinned Tyler Meyer, GFH, 1:49; Keegan Kennelly, HAV, dec. Jake Hegel, 5-0.

Seventh place match – Cameron Swanson, FTN, dec. Dalton Port, 6-1.

Fifth place match – Jake Hegel, MSH, pinned Cody Warner, 4:24.

Third place match – Jon Conklin, MBS, pinned Tyler Meyer, 5:59.

Championship – Keegan Kennelly, HAV, dec. Anthony Price, 5-2.

105 lbs

Semifinals – Kale Evenson, BOZ, pinned Grayson Brenna, 3:15; Jarren Komac, GFH, maj. dec. Kwest Osborn, 11-0.

Seventh place match – Demetri Koures, HGT, pinned Carson Graham, 1:54.

Fifth place match – Anthony Parkin, SUP, dec. Dyan Guzman, 14-8.

Third place match – Kwest Osborn, UHI, dec. Grayson Brenna, 3-2.

Championship – Kale Evenson, BOZ, dec. Jarren Komac, 8-6.

112 lbs

Semifinals – Bryson Beard, CV, dec. Shonn Roberts, 7-2; AJ Konda, CDA, maj. dec. Dylan Stewart, 3:09.

Seventh place match – Dylan Duffalo, MSH, pinned Riley Wavra, 3:36.

Fifth place match – Tommy McMillen, GFH, dec. Dylan Stewart, 4-1.

Third place match – Cameron Sorensen, UHI, dec. Shonn Roberts, 7-0.

Championship – Bryson Beard, CV, dec. AJ Konda, 3-0.

119 lbs

Semifinals – Hunter Grover, FRG, dec. Dakota Erickson, 10-3; Kenton Evans, GFH, maj. dec. Josh Tucker, 11-0.

Seventh place match – Marshall Bowen, LEW, dec. Drew Gorringe, 8-6.

Fifth place match – Josh Tucker, BNF, pinned Dakota Erickson, 1:30.

Third place match – Carlos Quinones, POL, dec. Logan McGreevey, 7-3.

Championship – Kenton Evans, GFH, dec. Hunter Grover, 7-2.

125 lbs

Semifinals – Jarrett Degen, BEL, dec. Blake Beard, 12-9; Dylan Schulte, MSH, dec. Landon Bailey, 7-6.

Seventh place match – Trei Bulluck, FRG, pinned Drake Randall, 3:57.

Fifth place match – Silas Hopkins, BOZ, pinned Landon Bailey, default.

Third place match – Blake Beard, CV, dec. Casey Dobson, 5-1.

Championship – Jarrett Degen, BEL, maj. dec. Dylan Schulte, 22-12.

130 lbs

Semifinals – Colton Orrino, CV, dec. Justin Rodgers, 9-5; Austin Shupe, GFH, dec. Nick Wells, 7-1.

Seventh place match – Justin Conklin, MBS, pinned Jake Marr, 4:18.

Fifth place match – Nick Wells, LCT, maj. dec. Tanner Johnson, 10-1.

Third place match – Justin Rodgers, LEW, maj. dec. Ben Miller, 11-0.

Championship – Colton Orrino, CV, dec. Austin Shupe, 6-3.

135 lbs

Semifinals – Bryce Parson, LEW, tech fall Blaine Invernon, 15-0; Bryce Weatherston, BEL, dec. Lucas Mantel, 9-5.

Seventh place match – Jesse Johnson, CMR, dec. Elijah Kilborn, 3-0.

Fifth place match – Lucas Mantel, GLA, dec. Dane Frobe, 4-0.

Third place match – Blaine Invernon, BNF, maj. dec. Cody Lemons, 11-2.

Championship – Bryce Parson, LEW, maj. dec. Bryce Weatherston, 10-0.

140 lbs

Semifinals – John Kenyon, LEW, maj. dec. Kessler Leonard, 14-3; Ryan Gabel, UHI, dec. Jordan Hegel, 4-3.

Seventh place match – Cooper Ryan, HH, dec. Kaleb Mitchell, 8-7.

Fifth place match – Kessler Leonard, GFH, dec. Isiah Yates, 3-0.

Third place match – Jordan Hegel, MSH, dec. Craig Feistner, 3-0.

Championship – Ryan Gabel, UHI, dec. John Kenyon, 3-1.

145 lbs

Semifinals – Ryan Klemp, LEW, dec. Ty Johnston, 3-2; Tommy Challeen, BUT, pinned Jared Dickson, 3:24.

Seventh place match – Wyatt Lott, COR, pinned Tim Ruebush, 2:54.

Fifth place match – Keaton Sterling, BEL, pinned Alek Mitchell, default.

Third place match – Jared Dickson, CMR, dec. Ty Johnston, 2-1.

Championship – Ryan Klemp, LEW, dec. Tommy Challeen, 3-0.

152 lbs

Semifinals – Jim Malone, FRG, maj. dec. Drew Randall, 11-2; Bryce Armstrong, BUT, dec. Luke Entzel, 3-2.

Seventh place match – Nick Iavicoli, FLT, dec. Zach Kies, 8-5.

Fifth place match – Sean White, CDA, pinned Quentin Denton, default.

Third place match – Luke Entzel, MBS, dec. Drew Randall, 4-0.

Championship – Jim Malone, FRG, dec. Bryce Armstrong, 9-4.

160 lbs

Semifinals – Tyler McLean, MED, pinned Jackson Barber, 5:33; Michael Cloud, MSH, pinned John Fairbanks, 3:30.

Seventh place match – Jared Lambert, LCT, pinned Gabe Ross, default.

Fifth place match – Jackson Barber, GLA, pinned Shelby Grant, :46.

Third place match – Jacob Egley, FLT, dec. John Fairbanks, 6-5.

Championship – Tyler McLean, MED, maj. dec. Michael Cloud, 8-0.

171 lbs

Semifinals – Chandler Rogers, MED, pinned Dawson Day, 3:38; Hudson Staub, CDA, dec. Ethan Blythe, 6-0.

Seventh place match – David Anderson, FTN, dec. Jake Williams, 1-0.

Fifth place match – Randy Keesler, GFH, pinned Ethan Blythe, 4:33.

Third place match – Dawson Day, GLA, dec. Austin Stannard, 10-3.

Championship – Chandler Rodgers, MED, pinned Hudson Staub, 3:08.

189 lbs

Semifinals – Tanner Davis, CV, dec. Tanner Orndorff, 5-4; Colby Roberts, RON, dec. Grant Pattison, 5-4.

Seventh place match – Carman Krichbaum, BNF, pinned Jacob Waller, default.

Fifth place match – Keavon Buckley, BOZ, dec. Reece Baldwin, 5-2.

Third place match – Tanner Orndorff, UHI, dec. Grant Pattison, 3-1.

Championship – Tanner Davis, CV, dec. Colby Roberts, 8-2.

215 lbs

Semifinals – Mason Ju, MED, dec. Sam VanBeek, 2-1; Darby Maier, MBS, pinned Keyten Anderson, 5:08.

Seventh place match – James Weidow, COR, pinned Zach Dolezal, 1:22.

Fifth place match – Tyler Adams, HAV, dec. Keyten Anderson, 3-1.

Third place match – Andreas Geranios, GFH, dec. Sam VanBeek, 3-1.

Championship – Darby Maier, MBS, dec. Mason Ju, 5-4.


Semifinals – Jaydn Wilson, MSH, pinned Axel Bladholm, 1:39; Tate Orndorff, UHI, dec. Lane Urick, 7-5.

Seventh place match – Bryce Blumenschein, BEL, dec. Zach Dennehy, 5-1.

Fifth place match – Jordan Zuraff, FTN, dec. Axel Bladholm, 4-2.

Third place match – Josh Felecia, BOZ, pinned Lane Urick, 1:44.

Championship – Jaydn Wilson, MSH, dec. Tate Orndorff, 11-4.

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