The Western Montana Mental Health Center, which helps severely mentally ill adults, would like some softball equipment that would give the adults some fun and some therapeutic help.

If you have any equipment or questions, call Jennifer at the Mental Health Center, 542-1411.

A 19-year-old single mother has been working hard to enroll in college.

She's ready to start, but her 1991 Ford Escort desperately needs brake pads, which will cost $60 for parts and labor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Call Naomi T. at Women's Opportunity and Resource Development Inc., 543-3550, Ext. 29.

A cultural specialist has moved from Butte to Missoula to work at the Missoula Indian Center.

This person could use any household furniture, but a double bed, table and chairs, a couch and two dressers would be appreciated.

If you can help, call Karla at the Missoula Indian Center, 329-3373.

A single mother with no income needs $57.20 to repair a window.

If you can help, call Isabel at Stepping Stones, 532-9700.

A struggling family with four children urgently needs twin beds for two boys and four bedroom dressers.

If you can help, call Hayley at Friends to Youth, 728-2662.

The residents of Hawthorne House are in great need of toiletries.

The Hawthorne House is a personal-care home for people with both physical and mental disabilities. The residents are on a very limited income.

Usually the toiletries are donated, but they weren't received this year.

The people could use soap, shampoo, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream and deodorant.

If you can help, call either Tim or Emilie at the house, 532-9700, or stop by the Mental Health Center, 1315 Wyoming St.

The mother in a family with three children needs an adjustable hospital bed for her back injury. A bedroom dresser and kitchen chairs also are needed.

If you can help, call Bob at Friends to Youth, 728-2662.

W.O.R.D. has several clients with needs.

When a young couple's second son arrived earlier than expected, the family was without a few of the necessities: a crib, newborn clothes and a "snugglie."

An 18-year-old mother and her baby boy are moving out on their own for the first time and need a couch and a bed for their new apartment.

A young couple needs a crib for its baby, and pots and pans, towels, a broom and a mop for their apartment.

If you can help, call Naomi R. at W.O.R.D., 542-4900, or Naomi T. at 543-3550, Ext. 29.

We Care, which appears each week in the Missoulian and daily during the holiday season, helps to call attention to the needs of families served by nonprofit agencies.

To submit We Care information, the agency should contact Donna Syvertson at 523-5361 or You also can fax information via phone number 523-5294 or mail information to her at 500 S. Higgins Ave., Missoula, MT 59801.

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