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MSU's Holland, Wyoming's Fish win all-around
MSU's Holland, Wyoming's Fish win all-around

BOZEMAN - Jordan Holland of Montana State and Sunnie Fish of Wyoming won the men's and women's all-round awards at the College Rodeo Championship Series rodeo held this weekend at Montana State.

Holland finished Saturday's final with 152 points while Fish completed the rodeo with 164 points.

Fish won the goat tying, registering the two fastest times to take the event with a total of 20.3 seconds.

Montana's Hillary Lusse captured the short go in barrel racing with a time of 14.5 seconds. The UM women finished fourth in the team standings with 362 Þ points, just 2 Þ behind Eastern Wyoming.

The University of Wyoming captured the women's team title with 467Þ points, while National American of Rapid City, S.D., was second with 405.

Central Wyoming won a tight men's race with 685 points, followed by Big Sky Region champion Dawson Community College of Glendive with 625. Montana State and Western Montana were next with 620 and 607Þ points, respectively.

MSU's Tracey Currey made up 1.4 seconds in the breakaway roping to place first in the averages after Joanna Murray of South Dakota State failed to rope her calf in the short-go.

Andy Martinez of Central Wyoming continued his impressive bareback performance, winning both the go-round and the average while Cody Buller of Dawson Community College was the only bull rider to stay on for all three rides to win the event with 223 points.

Jessica Whipp of Wyoming and Bryce Miller of Casper Community College maintained their leads in barrel racing and saddle bronc riding, respectively, to advance to the College National Final Rodeo in Casper, Wyo., June 11-16.

Wade Corliss of North Eastern Junior College captured the steer wrestling and Brandon Jacobs of Wyoming won the calf roping with a time of 34.8. Ryan Siemsen and Rafael Paoliello of Western Montana College won the team roping trophy.

The top seven finishers at the College Rodeo Championship Series and the champion and reserve champion from the season series advance to the CNFR.

Men's team scores: Cent. Wyoming 685, Dawson CC 625, Montana St., 620, W. Montana, 607.5.

Women's team scores: Wyoming 467.5. 2, National American 405. 3, E. Wyoming 365. 4, Montana 362.5.


Short round-1, (tie) Daron Lacina, Dickinson St.; Andy Martinez, Cent. Wyoming, 76.5 points. 3, Nick Alderson, National American, 73.5. 4, Troy Solomon, Montana St., 73.

Average-1, Martinez, Cent. Wyoming, 230. 2, Lacina, Dickinson St., Cent. Wyoming, 222. 3, Andy Bolich, Montana St., 214. 4, Troy Solomon, Montana St., 212.

Breakaway roping

Short round-1, Sunnie Fish, Wyoming, 3.1 seconds. 2, Kirby Watt, Montana, 3.3. 3, Tess Hanson, E. Wyoming, 3.3. 4, Tracey Currey, Montana St., 4.0.

Average-1, Currey, Montana St., 11.1. 2, Hansen, E. Wyoming, 11.5/ 3, Kelli Welbig, National American, 12.0. 4, Lacie Hough, National American, 12.6.

Calf roping

Short round-1, Rhett Harber, W. Montana, 9.3 seconds. 2, Brandon Jacobs, Wyoming, 11.9. 3, Mark Brockmueller, S. Dakota St., 12.1. 4, Ian Wells, Sheridan, 12.5.

Average-1, Jacobs, 34.8. 2, Shane Eberline, W. Montana, 35.0. 3, Rhett Harber, W. Montana, 34.8. 4, Wells, 36.5.

Goat tying

Short round-1, Sunnie Fish, Wyoming, 6.4 seconds. 2, Holly Hayworth, W. Montana, 6.8. 3, Skye Holman, Cent. Wyoming, 6.9. 4, Jackie Olson, Dickinson St., 7.0.

Average-1, Fish, 20.3. 2, Hayworth, 21.2. 3, Joanna Murray, S. Dakota St., 21.4. 4, Holman, 22.3.

Saddle bronc

Short round-1, Chet Johnson, Sheridan, 76.5 points. 2/3, Cody Taton, Dawson CC/Bryce Miller, Casper, 74.5. 4, Chad Ferley, W. Dakota Tech, 68.

Average-1, Miller, Casper, 218. 2, Ferley, W. Dakota Tech, 210. 3, Taton, Dawson CC, 144/2. 4, Johnson, Sheridan, 142/2.

Steer wrestling

Short round-1, Dallas Rasmussen, W. Montana, 4.7 seconds. 2, Jonathan Ragatz, National American, 4.9. 3, Clint Haskins, Wyoming, 5.8. 4, Will Stovall, W. Montana, 6.8.

Average-Wade Corliss, North Eastern JC, 15.1. 2, Barton Slaney, W. Dakota Tech, 19.1. 3, Haskins, Wyoming, 20.0. 4, Stovall, W. Montana, 20.4.

Team roping

Short round-1, Tracey Curry/Coley Frerck, Montana St., 6.6 seconds. 2, Miles Kobold, Sheridan/Tyler Larson, Laramie, 7.2. 3, Sunnie Fish, UW/ Gavin Flint, E. Wyoming, 7.4. 4, Jordan Holland/Tyler Holland, Montana St., 7.7.

Average-1, Ryan Siemsen/Rafael Paoliello, W. Montana, 28.4. 2, Miles Kobold, Sheridan/Tyler Larson, Lamar, 28.7. 3, Timothy Hruby, E. Wyoming/ Martin Smith, UN, 31.8. 4, Holland/Holland, Montana St., 36.5.

Barrel race

Short round-1, Hillary Lusse, Montana, 14.5 seconds. 2, Amy Callen, Sheridan, 14.52. 3, Kelly Smith, Wayne, 14.53. 4, Holly Allison, Laramie, 14.54.

Average-1, Jessica Whipp, 43.50. 2, Jamie Iverson, 43.50. 3/4, Josie Jordan; Courtney Kramer, 43.61.

Bull riding

Short round-Cody Buller, Dawson CC, 70.5 points.

Average-1, Cody Buller, Dawson CC, 222.5/3. 2, Casey Reimer, National American, 147/2. 3, Jerey Griebel, Cent. Wyoming, 143.5/2. 4, Will Farrell, Chad, 139.5/2.

All-around Cowgirl-Sunnie Fish.

All-around Cowboy-Jordan Holland.

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