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Greg Strandberg


Greg Strandberg is the author of 50+ books on Amazon. His Montana website on history and politics is After graduating from the University of Montana in 2008 with a BA in History, Greg moved to China for 5 years, living in Shenzhen.

Greg Strandberg

I don't think this is right.

Greg Strandberg

Greg Strandberg commented on Note to Readers

The real problem is out-of-state ownership that cares nothing for Missoula, as well as a continuous display of musical chairs when it comes to the paper's local 'leadership.' At this point many of us are just waiting for the Missoulian to go under. It shouldn't be much longer.

Greg Strandberg

For over a year, Engen was driving his city vehicle while drunk or at least having consumed alcohol.

Why is he still employed by the city?

Greg Strandberg

Engen says he started drinking again after his weight loss surgery, which was around October 2015. He admits to drinking at lunch...everyday.

I wonder what the legal ramifications of that are. We know if it was a police officer, all their old cases would be thrown out. What about the …

Greg Strandberg

I just have a feeling that we're not being told the whole story here of what's going on in the Department and what problems they face. I think a lot of the problems may be internal.

Greg Strandberg

Greg Strandberg commented on Refugees continue to arrive in Missoula

Follow the money.

There's no info on the Missoula Office, but the International Rescue Committee does have financial forms on their national website.

Their 2016 financial form is 92 pages long. In it we find that the New York-based company had net assets of $161 million at the en…

Greg Strandberg

Why is increasing international student enrollment critical?


First, that's new money coming into the state, and the country.
Next, a lot of the times this is non-debt money.
Then, more international students mean fewer American students shackled with debt.

Greg Strandberg

Greg Strandberg commented on Lack of civility from Democrats

For those interested in the hypocrisy of Democrats:

Greg Strandberg

Max Baucus, a true Montana villain. What's he got still, $5 million in election funds in that campaign account of his? That's why Dems are slobbering all over themselves to have his son Zeno run for the special election.

Max Baucus is the main reason we have so many problems with heal…

Greg Strandberg

And it's over. For reasons why, check out my site Big Sky Words.

Quist and Curtis are the only two Dems that have a shot at winning the nomination convention.

I feel the Dem elites have already decided upon Curtis. That's sad - she has no chance at winning anything outside the c…

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